Three decades together...

Gkizeris Flowers is located in Ilioupolis since 1993.

A key ingredient in the success of our business and the preference of our customers over the years remains our fondness for beautiful flowers and stunning compositions.

Gkizeris Flowers - store
Gkizeris Flowers - inside store

...With love towards flowers

We visit the flower market, select each species individually and monitor the conditions of their transport, so that they will arrive in your hands fresh and fragrant.

Once the flowers arrive at Gkizeris Flowers, they are cleaned with special care, carefully placed in glass vases and meticulously preserved on a daily basis.

And then the imagination gets to work, thanks to which Gkizeris Flowers' bouquets of seasonal flowers are the best solution to offer for any special occasion or at every opportunity.

At Gkizeris Flowers, every bouquet is a wish! An auspicious wish, that will... embellish your intentions!